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Data bundles: surf superfast with 4G

Surf more and pay less! Benefit from our data bundles and surf superfast with 4G:

  • 200 MB for 3 €
  • 500 MB for 5 €
  • 1 GB for 7 €
  • 2 GB for 10 €
  • 5 GB for 20 €
How to activate a data bundle?

Send a text message to the free number 1988, with the following message: 

  • DATA3
  • DATA5
  • DATA7
  • DATA10
  • DATA20

Good to know 

  • The price will be directly deduced from your balance.
  • The MB's are valid during 30 days in the whole European Union.
  • You can also use the bundle in roaming! The data usage will be deducted from your bundle, without any roaming surcharge.
  • At the end of the 30 days, the non used MB are lost.
  • The data bundle renews itself automatically, every 30 days or as soon as you have used it up   
  • If you want to have another internet bundle you first need to deactivate your current data bundle. Once this is done you can activate another one. 

How to deactivate a data bundle ?


Send a text message to the free number 1988, with the following message:


Once the bundle is deactivated, you can still use the remaining megabytes but there will no longer be a renewal of your data bundle.

Check your consumption

By sending EURO to 1988 you can check how many MB are remaining in your bundle.

How to configure the data settings on your phone?

You can find all the parameters to configure your phone on this page.

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