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Automatic top-up

Do you want to call and text without any worries about falling out of credit? Then we have a solution for this! Activate one of our automatic top-ups! We have several top-ups that add credit on your card when a certain limit is reached, on a specific date or by SMS. You can see for yourself which one fits you best!

When limit is reached

When limit is reached

Choose for the automatic top-up at a specified limit and you will never run out of call credit.

At fixed date

Would you like to manage your budget? Well, you can choose an automatic top-up on a fixed date, so you won’t have to worry about topping up your card.


Top up your card wherever you are or whenever it suits you best! Opt to top-up by SMS. You will have the freedom to top up your cell phone when you wish, no matter where you are!

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