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SUPER BUNDLES without subscription

Benefit from the advantages of our super bundles without subscription.

  • Maxxx 9 € with 100 minutes, 100 SMS and 100 MB included.
  • Bonus 10 € with 180 minutes, 100 SMS and 500 MB included.
  • Maxxx 19 € with 250 minutes, 250 SMS and 250 MB included.
  • Maxxx 29 € with 3000 minutes, 3000 SMS and 10 GB* included.
*Promotion until 28/02/2019 included: with the Maxxx 29 you'll now receive each month 10 GB instead of the usual 3 GB.

  1. How to activate the bundles?
  2. Send the following SMS to the free number 1988:
  • MAXXX9
  • BONUS10
  • MAXXX19
  • MAXXX29

Good to know
  • The price from the bundle will be deducted from your balance.
  • The bundle remains valid during 30 days as from the activation date to all networks in Belgium, 24h/24h (except special numbers).
  • You can also use the bundle for roaming in the whole European Union! The usage of your minutes, sms and data will be deducted from your bundle, without any roaming costs.
  • At the end of the 30 days the bundle will be automatically renewed (make sure you have enough callcredit to make sure the renewal can happen).
  • If you'd like to activate another bundle (bigger or smaller) you first need to deactivate your current bundle. At the end of the validity date (30 days) you can activate your new bundle.
How to deactivate the bundles?
Send the following SMS to the free number 1988 (take space into account):
When the bundle will be deactivated you can still benefit from the remaining minutes, SMS and MB. But the bundle won't be renewed automatically anymore.

Not a customer yet?

  • Buy the starterkit in your Carrefour store or order a free simcard.
  • Reload if necessary (if you'd like to have a bigger bundle).
  • Activate your bundle (see How to activate the bundles).

Check your consumption

Do you want to know how many minutes, SMS's and MB you still have? By sending EURO to 1988 you'll receive an overview of your bundles.

Need more data?

Activate one of our data bundles to enjoy from extra MB's (200 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB or 5 GB)

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