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Thanks to Carrefour Mobile's products, you can take advantage of a lot of beneficial services.

Topping up your card

Your Carrefour Mobile card is a prepaid card that you can top up in any Carrefour and GB stores. You can also configure an automatic monthly top-up that runs for one year. Or even top up trough this website.

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Your voicemail operates like a traditional automatic answering machine.

It is also a free service.

You can keep your own number

When you join Carrefour Mobile, you can transfer your current cell phone number free of charge, regardless of who your current network provider is and whether you have subscription plan or a prepaid card.

Keeping your number is as easy as 1-2-3.

Out of call credit?

Find out which services allow you to stay in contact with everyone, even when you run out of credit.

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