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Exchange your Bonus Points into call credit


Thanks to this service, as a Carrefour Mobile customer, you can benefit from free call credit using the points available on your Carrefour Bonus Card. The more you buy at Carrefour, the more you call for free. It’s the perfect service for all Carrefour clients!

How to exchange your Bonus Points in call credit?

To exchange your Bonus points into Carrefour Mobile call credit, you first need to get registered.

1. Register yourself

Register through "My Account" on this website or send an SMS to the number 1988.

The message needs to have the following structure:

  • The text BONUS
  • The number of your Bonus Card (code of 13 numbers starting with 229)
  • The birth date of the owner of the Bonus Card
  • the postal code of the owner of the holder of the Bonus Card

Example : BONUS 2291234567890 26031972 1140

(keep a space between each data)

2. Exchange your points

Exchange your points by sending an SMS to the number 1988.

The message needs to have the following text:

  • BONUS 5 if you wish to receive 5 € call credit to all operators.
  • BONUS 9 if you wish to receive 60 minutes from Carrefour Mobile to Carrefour Mobile.

500 Bonus points = 5 € call credit to all operators or 60 minutes from Carrefour Mobile to Carrefour Mobile.

The exchange of Bonus Points will be done immediately if you have a minimum of 500 Bonus Points.

Find here the General Conditions of the Carrefour Bonus Card.

Bonus Points balance

To know the balance of your Bonus Points, send an SMS to the free number 1988 with the following text: POINTS

Pay attention!

To make sure your registration is successful, you need to send the correct information in the text message to 1988, otherwise the inscription will fail (such as the correct zip code, birth date). If you have any doubts about what information is registered with BonusCard you can always contact them for free on 0800 9 10 11.

Change of address?

If you move to a different municipality, your zip code will change also. You’ll have to change your data in Carrefour’s Bonus Card database also. To make this change just go to this link and make the necessary changes. Once this is done, you can send the registration message to 1988 again with the new data. If you don’t, you won’t be able to exchange your points anymore.

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